Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 285 - June 2, 2017 ~
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It's the "little" things that tee me off! My lovely bride and I finished shopping and were headed back to the ranch. I said "Dear, are you parched for a beverage?"...she was. We rolled into a fast food drive-in and ordered a raspberry lemonade and a coke...easy enough. The young male voice said that will be a total of $4.01...easy enough.

We drove to the window and waited, and waited some more. And finally this bored young man popped his head out the window and said in a dull voice that will be $4.53! I said "NO – you quoted me $4.01 – why the higher price?" Now normally for a pittance of 52 cents I would not have said a word...BUT...with his attitude and the long wait I was in a "regressive" mood.

When I say "regressive", at times my foul temper puts me in the "state of mind" that serial killers have – I WAS TEED OFF! I told this young Neanderthal that better job opportunities probably would not come his way, and if he makes a mistake – he should eat it! Now I know, I know, you're saying "Zeb, calm down – it's only 50 cents...NO IT'S NOT...IT'S THE PRINCPLE of the ISSUE!!!"

It's like when you order a salad at a drive in and after you've driven away and parked to enjoy your rabbit food...you find out the "overpaid under worked" $15 an hour "wannabees" forgot to give you a fork!! Ever try eating a salad with ranch dressing and croutons with your fingers?? OR...you open up your "surprise bag of yum" and find that you have the wrong – not anywhere close – to what you ordered! You can't stand fish sandwiches, but NOW you've got 2 of these "wonders from the ocean!"

Fast food should not mean "over looked" service...right now I'm sitting here enjoying an adult beverage that is having a calming effect on my Type A Marine Sergeant mentality...but make sure I get the right burger OR...you'll really tee me off!

My rope horse "Stinger" likes beer...pop the top and that ole' hoss is right there waiting for "the pour of a cold one!" I've never owned such a horse – personality and class – he actually prefers bottled Michelob over canned Coors Lite – he's having steak and lobster on his alfalfa for dinner.....


Our Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Dear Lord: Please Bless and heal this land with your grace and power.
Help us to realize YOU are in charge as you were, as you are now and like
you'll be in the future. Forgive us for "straying off the trail" of what's right
and what's wrong and help us to appreciate what you've blessed us with,
the greatest Country in the world...America!
In Jesus Name.....Amen

Please Read Romans Chapter 8 vs 28.

The way things were - are the way things ought to be!

(Copyright Zeb Bell)

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Adios Buckaroos and Buckarettes!

God Bless and Fly the Flag!!

Zeb at the Ranch

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