Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 289 - June 30, 2017 ~
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    Better late...than NEVER! This past week we had the great gift of an old friend coming to visit. One of my old high school friends, whom I haven't seen for 52 years, Rick Layman and Sandy stayed at the "Old Ranch" for a few days. WOW! The stories, the reminiscing, the "catching-up" on "who's where" and what happened to "so and so" went on for hours. I've never been able to go to any of my class reunions, I was always flying here or driving there in my rodeo business...sadly I can see now what I've missed. 52 years....the last time I saw Rick was our graduation in 1965...until last Tuesday and I'm so thankful our trails crossed...again. We have the ability to "look back" and measure and weigh our past, we have the ability to spring into action in the present...but none of us can foretell what God has in store for us...5 seconds into the future. Rick's visit was a "great slap in the face" to me, I needed it, to reconnect with what matters most...friends and loved ones. Thanks Rick and Sandy, your visit to us was was priceless!

    This is Independence Day Weekend. Picnics, parades, kids with mustard and ketchup and ice cream all over their t-shirts. Dads carrying folding chairs to a parade and moms trying to put sunscreen on 3 squirming, ready to run, children. Grandpas and Grandmas retelling stories about their youth and tables of potato salad and goodies that would feed an army. It will be hot...it should be on the 4th of July and...it will be...bittersweet. We will be happy to celebrate...but we all should pause for...reflection. We all need to bow our heads and give thanks for all the sacrifices given for US...US...the United States of America and the cherished freedoms we have because of the blood, sweat, tears and lives given for our future! God Bless them and please God...Bless America...again!

    From his album "America – Why I Love Her," 1977, John Wayne stated:
"Face the Flag, son, and face reality.
Our strengths and our freedoms are based in unity.
The flag is but a symbol, son, of the world's greatest nation,

And as long as it keeps flying, there's cause for celebration.
So do what you've got to do, but always keep in mind,
A lot of people believe in peace...but there are the other kind.
If we want to keep these freedoms, we may have to fight again.

God forbid, but if we do, let's always fight to win.
For the fate of a loser is futile and it's bare:
No love, no peace...just misery and despair.
Face the Flag, son...and thank God it's still there."
-John Wayne

    God's blessings to YOU this Independence Day Weekend!

Don't forget Dr-History.com! Exciting episodes of the old West!!
Now in 110 countries...110!! And not one of them
have said they're offended!

Our Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Dear Lord: Please Bless and heal this land with your grace and power.
Help us to realize YOU are in charge as you were, as you are now and like
you'll be in the future. Forgive us for "straying off the trail" of what's right
and what's wrong and help us to appreciate what you've blessed us with,
the greatest Country in the world...America!
In Jesus Name.....Amen

Please Read Proverbs Chapter 20 vs 24.

The way things were - are the way things ought to be!

(Copyright Zeb Bell)

Adios Buckaroos and Buckarettes!

God Bless and Fly the Flag!!

Zeb Bell

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