Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 297 - August 25, ‍2017 ~
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    We've gotta show them some "love"...right. Stop for just a second, close your eyes, take a deep breath and THINK, really hard, THINK when "times" and hatred have been this bad...think! Turn on the TV or radio, or pick up the newspaper and every sound bite or almost every paragraph is all about hate, murder, bombings, so called racial inequality, on and on and on!! I've had enough. After this past week with enough personal issues to sink the Queen Mary – I don't want anyone to tell me to "turn the other cheek"! So listen up Southern Poverty Law Center, Black Lives Matter, Antifa or plain ole' mouthy lazy millennials...stay out of my way! I'm not going to change what or how I feel, I'm not going to have a pity party for your 200 years ago ancestors and if you block, stop or injure one of my friends or family – I will somehow get YOU! All of us should say enough to the loons and have a "Clint Eastwood" attitude of "Well, Punk, did I shoot 6 times or...was it 5...wanna' take a chance"!? Listen you liberal dolts, good people, good families with values and love for one another are being hurt by your silly demands and your attempted take over of the history, heritage and foundation of the Greatest Country in the world. So here is my lil' statement about you and your vile, sinister thugs – do NOT in any way try to inhibit me or my family ever again (you tried once!) because I promise I will not step around you...I'll step over you!...We've got to show them some "love"!

    It's Saturday afternoon as I write this, beautiful day outside...and here I am at my desk..??? I really fell behind this week and have a few short "ramblings". WOW!! High School Football Season started this weekend. Kudos to all the teams and coaching staffs...football is a great game to learn teamwork and a great work ethic...many of the wilting pansies want to see it stopped...I say long live football!!!

    One good thing this past week, I went to my cardiologist and the recurrent word was "NORMAL"...WHOA! That's a God's Blessing! Normal this, normal that and a blood pressure of a TRIATAHLETE...an old triathlete...120/66!! I'm ready for Mt. Everest...ah...got a helicopter?

Don't forget Dr-History.com! Exciting episodes of the old West!!
Now in 110 countries...110!! And not one of them
have said they're offended!

Our Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Dear Lord: Please Bless and heal this land with your grace and power.
Help us to realize YOU are in charge as you were, as you are now and like
you'll be in the future. Forgive us for "straying off the trail" of what's right
and what's wrong and help us to appreciate what you've blessed us with,
the greatest Country in the world...America!
In Jesus Name.....Amen

Please Read Proverbs Chapter 28 vs 12.

The way things were - are the way things ought to be!

(Copyright Zeb Bell)

Adios Buckaroos and Buckarettes!

God Bless and Fly the Flag!!

Zeb Bell

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