Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 374 - March 8 ‍2019 ~
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    Purpose...pride...personal responsibility...these are traits that ALL people need to have and cherish. Now, and reader I must say right here, I'm fighting mad at companies and corporations that are taking jobs away from workers with physical challenges. Walmart has announced that on April 26th their positions will be replaced by more physically fit customer host roles!! I cannot find the words of disgust that I have for this "movement" effected by Walmart and other big volume companies. About two weeks ago, Deanne and I went to Home Depot for some miscellaneous items and immediately inside the door we were welcomed by a man in a wheelchair. With a huge grin on his face he said "Good morning and WELCOME to Home Depot"! His genuine friendly personality made me feel good and we felt like our business was appreciated. After checking out, we walked by him and he said "Thanks for coming in and have a great day"!...nice, friendly and a good salesman for us to come back – YOU BET!! Then, a few days later, my lovely bride and I went to Walmart for some household goodies...(you know how I hate to shop!!) and we were met by a lady in a wheelchair. She was absolutely one of the most happy, effervescent personalities I've ever met and her "Thanks for coming in, may I help you" rang out loud and clear! I'm having some problems with my ole' knees so when "SHOPPING" I need to ride on one of the store's "Silver Stallions". I got on one and when I passed this lady she challenged me to a race! This might sound petty to you but this lady was tremendous at solidifying customer positive relations! But then, dear reader, my story takes a different turn. I needed some new headsets for my broadcast studio and we went to a big well known electronics store. The young man that resembled "Lurch" from "The Addams Family" was standing at the counter of Customer Service and was talking to another employee. I stood there for a moment, then said "Excuse me, where are the radio earphones"? "Lurch" looked annoyed that I would bother him and said "Over there, somewhere in the middle"...nuff said – he turned back to his buddy! Kaboom!...my temper went from 0 to 4th gear in 1.7 seconds! I needed the headsets and finally Deanne and I found what I wanted and we paid and left – heavy on the word left 'cause I'm not ever going back! "Lurch" spoiled my experience permanently at this store! The bottom line is this...people that have physical challenges really appreciate the opportunity to be self responsible and thankful they have a job to give them pride and purpose...how dare those stores push them away! "Ole Lurch" couldn't hold a candle to the value I'd put on the gentleman at Home Depot and the lady at Walmart – they are blessings to any business! In an age where we thought discrimination had ended...its alive and well against the physically challenged. Help me fight these businesses and tell them they are so wrong in their intentions to cancel the hiring of people that can actually add to the integrity and sales for the store! Purpose and pride! God bless em'!!!!

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