Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups
~ Volume 93 - August 9, 2013 ~
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Everyone should have a front porch or a "deck" and use it. Take time each day to just sit, listen, watch and pray. We have a small deck leading into our house and it has become the place for Goober and I to visit and honestly just "vegetate and make friends with the hummingbirds". I wonder if President Obama ever sat on a porch. I wonder what would happen if maybe he'd get away from his security folks, get away from his teleprompters and get away from his inner circle of left wing deviates. Now, if Obama was sitting on my porch with me for just 30 minutes, I can guarantee you, he'd have a personality change for the better.

"See those mountains, Mr. President, that's where cattle graze right along with wildlife. Beautiful, isn't it?...yes. See the fields of potatoes, beans, sugar beets and corn and hay...it takes a lot of real energy to feed the world, doesn't it, Mr. President?..yes. Look at my neighbors, Mr. President, see the kids playing in the yard, see the horses basking in the sun,...oh look! There's an eagle gliding over the canyon...boy, it sure is relaxing... right, Mr. President?...yes. So tell me, Mr. President, WHY are you trying to take all this away from America, why are you...with your left wing socialist ideology, trying to transform something so good into a frail, mediocre failure? Why, Mr. President? All of my neighbors work hard to do the best they can for their families, their community and America...but, you don't care. You're headstrong and obstinate and foolish to think that windmills are going to push a John Deere tractor at harvest, or that families can absorb more frivolous, ridiculous taxes at a time when you and your cohorts have put this nation on a debt cliff of disaster!!.....you know, Mr. President, you really aren't for the success of the American Dream...are you? You really don't think America is #1 and should stay that way...do you? You really never have had the love and the passion and the tears for our flag as it waves over this Land of the Free...have you? You really don't understand the American spirit of "Yes, we can" and "Yes, we will succeed...do you?...I almost feel sorry for you. Your ideology, personality and politics are bad for America and quite frankly, for the world...I wonder if there's any hope for you??... Well, Mr President, I've got to get to work (something probably strange to you). I've enjoyed the visit and I pray that some of this might sink in to your socialistic thoughts....aah, Mr. President... Mr. President! Are you thinking about what I said?.........yes."

Machinery doesn't like me...tractors hate me...riding lawn mowers cringe in fear as I come close and most things mechanical fail to try 100% when they're in my grasp. Oh sure...I've had some bad moments...everyone does...but why do they hate ME?? Excusing the fact that I drove my arena tractor up and over 2 fences while waving at a neighbor...what's the big deal?? Well, yes, I did run my riding lawnmower into the canal and it took 6 people to pull it out of the 4 foot deep water...it was an accident! Okay, okay, so I fell asleep driving my tractor in the arena and ran over a 50 gallon oil barrel and got high-centered...are YOU perfect? So what if I was blinded by the sun and "mowed" the pumpkins and zucchinis...there were a lot of them!.......These were all minor events that I'm sure many others have grieved over!! NOT JUST ME! My wife's face has "taken on" a daily look of "why"?....I don't know, machines just hate me...it's a curse.

Go to a County Fair...enjoy the exhibits, eat the great food, enjoy the people and rediscover what Rural America is all about! Get back to the basics, enjoy life at your County Fair!


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Adios Buckaroos and Buckarettes!

God Bless and Fly the Flag!!

Zeb at the Ranch

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